How Social Media influences people and their lifestyle?

How Social Media influences people and their lifestyle?

Connecting people all over the world and making communication simpler, social media has changed people and lives. Out of 8 billion people and more in the world, 40% people use social media platforms to share, subscribe, follow and connect with people. With this humongous increase in its usage, one basic question in everyone’s mind was how it has impacted all our lives? People use it for various purposes. Some people use it to post photos, videos and other personal information to get acknowledged and known by peers, some use it for business purposes, some use it for political purposes etc.

Why do we share information on social platforms?

People share informative and enjoyable content on such platforms to grab attention and to give an identity to themselves. They share to spread awareness about themselves and their likings to connect with others. In this fast paced and quick world, people yearn to gain attention and validity from peers using social sites. They also showcase brands and products to gain popularity and to attract potential buyers. Social platforms that started with limited resources and groups have grown their roots and popularity worldwide to become a part of everyday life. It has evolved the techniques and criteria for networking to keep in touch with close ones.

Social media at its powerful best

In just a span of ten years, what just started as a tool to connect and communicate has become a gigantic and irreplaceable part of society and people. It has altered and shaped the interaction with the physical world. It has seeped in everywhere, almost to every corner of the globe. It has created a major influence in politics and has shaped the election outcomes in various countries. Social media has grabbed attention on real societal problems and has helped in solving major life challenging issues.

Social platforms and its power has crept in politics, workplace, home life, everyday events, fests, festivals and lots more. It has evolved so much in a very short period and it has changed the notion and living of people. The real shift in communication and networking has been visibly noticed in every industry, business, home or corporation. It has changed minds and it has contributed to betterment of society in many ways. Some of them are

  • Powerful Networking
  • Economic impact
  • Political campaigning
  • Digital world
  • Better marketing and sales
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Dissemination of information

How to use social sites wisely?

Every good comes with a tagged effect. Social media is no exception in that rule. With constant usage and presence, it has taken a huge toll on mental health causing stress and fear of acceptance among people. It has increased the general anxiety among people to gain acknowledgement and identity from the society. Constant research has found that it has influenced people’s mood, stress, depression and anxiety levels.

Social media has even changed patterns of sleep. People scroll through their twitter, facebook, instagram profiles even in the middle of broken sleep for no reason. The addiction has become so common that it is no more seen as a threat or disorder. Also it has reduced self-esteem and self-acceptance by setting high standards of living and lifestyle by comparison.

All said and done, it all depends on how wisely we use and how we take things to our head. Now that it has become unavoidable, any wise person would try to master the features and make it more useful for their own purposes. Rather than cribbing about the side effects or complaining how it has influenced negatively, we all can stand together to put such platforms to good use. By necessary regulations, we can make the best use of all such sites. It does affect people and influence their lifestyle, but to what extent and how is still our call. Excessive and unlawful use of social media should be avoided and it would be unfair to quote it as the evil twin.

It has brought myriad benefits to our lives and we should choose wisely to live well. Mysp3 is all about your stories, your planet, your life and happenings. We strive for excellence and are stern upon creating a happy and caring community for the benefit and betterment of one and all. We are an open platform for all social butterflies for better networking experiences.

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